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Self-Care SOS | Worth £207

Features 4 full deluxe sized skincare treats. Worth £207 

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    Nurture your true self. Self-love is all about developing and integrating self-practices that lead to nourishing ones being, improving and building one’s self-esteem & confidence and overall loving and embracing all parts of you!

    We have curated a ‘self-love’ skincare discovery, all about mood-boosting scents and soothing notes for your soul and skin-The ultimate SOS to self-love!

    Transport your soul into a deep state of relaxation with a detoxifying bath soak, an ingredient rich combination of Himalayan crystals, and hydrating moringa oil to get rid of any bad energy. Notes of patchouli, lavender and neroli, to cleanse and bring a meditative/peaceful state of mind. Pamper your skin with a blend of luxurious essential oils; Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Geranium, renowned for both physical and mental healing properties. Rebalance and induce calmness with formulas of Vetiver and Sandalwood, clarifying the mind and restoring a sense of calm and ease. Regenerate, rehydrate and re-plump your skin with a unique triple weight blend of plant extracts and scientific compounds of hyaluronic acids.

  • AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Deep Relax Roller Ball (Full Size)
    MAULI Surrender Vata Massage Body Oil (Full Size)
    ODACITE Relax Soul Soothing Relaxing Bath Soak (Full Size)
    IRENE FORTE Triple Hyaluronic Serum ( Full Size)

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