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Introducing our July Edit - CELEBRATE

Introducing our July Edit - CELEBRATE
Celebrating six AMAZING years of MINTD, we’re bringing you this year's Birthday Edit – CELEBRATE! This Edit is perfect to revitalise and boost your skin, with easy everyday-use products. The Celebrate Edit features a Cleanser, Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Serum and a Facial Mist. 
Here’s to many more years of beautiful glowing skin!

MZ SKIN Anti-Pollution Mist

Anti-Pollution Hydrating Mist – Boost your defences against modern environmental skin stressors with this micro-fine moisture-boosting mist. Cutting-edge active ingredients form a shield against pollution, infrared and blue light for instant protection, while performance-proven antioxidants and amino acids boost the skin’s natural barrier function for increased resilience over time. Anti-stress hydrators, vitamins and minerals work together to calm redness, refine pores and energise the complexion, so skin is bright, balanced and comforted from the first spritz.

Zelens Hyaluron Intense Serum

A powerful hyaluronic acid (HA) serum formulated with three different molecular weights (very low, low and medium) of pure HA, reinforced with niosome-encapsulated HA at a combined concentration of 1%. Supercharged with a bioflavonoid which inhibits hyaluronidase (the enzyme responsible for HA degradation) and sustainably derived succinic acid which supports skin renewal. This lightweight serum delivers an instant burst of intense hydration and locks in moisture to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Skin appears supple, smoother and more plump.

Mask Votary Radiance Reveal Mask

The Radiance Reveal Mask is a highly active resurfacing mask with a powerhouse duo of mandelic acid and lactic acid. Known for their ability to exfoliate skin evenly, these AHA acids work beautifully together
to reveal your very best skin.

 Kate Somerville Delikate Cleanser

 Specially developed and dermatologically tested, this cleanser is suitable for those with sensitive skin types. Gently but effectively, the formula uplifts dirt, dead skin cells and makeup from the deep within the dermis. Removing these impurities from the pores, this delicate cleanser helps to detoxify the complexion without irritating the skin. 

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Zelens Hyaluron Intense Serum

Zelens Hyaluron Intense Serum


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